Code 25 issues


Ive had this amp five days now and I’m totally frustrated!

Here are my issues:

• Bluetooth Connectivity

The amp loses connectivity with the MyMarshall app constantly!  I’ve followed the instructions.  I’m sitting less then a foot from the amp, yet it loses connectivity from both my iPhone and two different iPads.  It literally takes me 15-20 minutes to get the thing connected, reconnected, and then, BOOM! Again, the sound changes settings on the amp mysteriously, this after taking 15-20 minutes to get the sound and effects exactly the way I want it.  I can’t save the setting, because it disconnects the app from the amp, even though it says on the amp and my iPad settings, that I’m still connected.  Utterly frustrating! It also limits what time I have to practice because I’m spending most of that time trying to get it reconnected and sounding right again.

Also, after following the directions explicitly, I still have to  reconnect the Bluetooth from scratch every time.  The app sucks.


• Apple OSX /iOS compatibility

Guys, Your the best amp manufacturer in the music world.  The music world is OSX/iOS based. Get your brilliant minds together and allow for the amp to be Updated via Apple products!


• The amp and application

This is a great sounding amp, I’m enamored with the sound as I am with most Marshall Amplification products and the price well within reason, but not just the app is HORRIBLE, but also the effects are also less then desirable.  I just can’t seem to get chorus, phase, flanger or echo sounds to my tastes and desires.  Same with the auto wah.  I just can’t believe you can’t duplicate the same great sounding effects as you have in many of your solid state amps.  


I’m hoping you can help, if not, this amp is going back in the box and being returned.

edited 25 Nov 2017 at 10:24 AM

Tommy Naccarato (17)

asked 25 Nov 2017 at 10:20 AM

Tommy Naccarato (17)
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Hello Tommy,

Sorry to hear of your frustrations, if you have tried all the trouble shooting guides with regards to the bluetooth and it is still taking 15-20 minutes to connect and the connnect drops out, we would recommend that you take the unit back to your dealer to see if they are able to test the unit for you. If they are having trouble also connecting maybe a new unit could be tried in the shop for you and your unit exchanged.

The effects can be edited to suit your taste , this can be carried out on the APP or on the Code Unit itself. 

answered 27 Nov 2017 at 02:22 PM

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