Woburn I , keeps going off and back on, 5 minute interval


Hi dear readers


1st off , i find this forum completely not comprehensive and informative, it feels like quite the opposite,

for my issues, i have a Woburn I, just out of warranty,


ever sindce a few months it turns off while playing music

i use the aux standard, play songs, then wham, after 2-5 minutes it shuts off, and restarts and puts the volume back at 50%

this turn off cycle is times about around 4, to 5 minutes, consistently overal (some days it doesn't )  and it keeps doing it EVERY 5 MINUTES FOR DAYS , ugh :(

this is effectively turned my audiophile soundsetup to a paperweight as i dont go to my speaker to change the volume every 5 minutes

and actually it makes me upset, and anti climactic thoards the reason i was useing it in the 1st place.


i really would like to solve the problem and have a ON OR OFF SWITCH on my device, so i can actually appriciate it for years, with the purchase price of 400 euros plus at launch, i find this absolutely a right.

after my 1st searches on the web i found a lot more people with this issue, and it feels to me as if its being obscured, and not solvable


any fixes found so far anyone?

asked 16 Nov 2022 at 10:39 AM

Jason Jut
Answers: 1


Hi Jason,

For any help with Bluetooth headphones or speakers you need to contact support@marshallheadphones.com


Marshall Support

answered 17 Nov 2022 at 08:42 AM

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