Connecting Pedals to Code 50


I am a newbie. I bought the Code 50 thinking it would be easy for it to work with pedal amps, like boss blue driver and metal zone. i did not know the code 50 did not "play" well with pedals. I even bout a noise suppressor. 


Anyways I have been googling and found out that there is a "natural" channel.  I could not figure out what that ment. I thought it was a channel I could just scroll to in the preset display. After further looking into it I fould a link to this site with instructions by a person name david doss:


I followed the instructions (and I downloaded gateway),  but very low sound would come out of the marshall with the guitar by itself. What I mean is low sound even when volume knob and master knob all the way up. I do get sound when I activate the blues pedal for example but mainly when I adjust the GAIN knob  ON CODE 50. The volume knob does little. Since when is GAIN the new volume button? I thought in the instructions by david doss GAIN was all the way to zero. 

Is there an easier way to connect my pedals to the amplifier? FYI I do not know the difference between amp and pre amp. I am really learning here. So please baby steps. Thanks in advance. 



asked 28 Nov 2022 at 06:02 AM

Angel Reyes
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Hi Angel,

The idea behind Code is to offer the player an all in one solution without the need for pedals. However, if you wish to use pedals such as a Metal Zone or Blues Driver I would recommend using a clean amp model like the American Clean or the JTM. The preset called “JTM Chill” is a good starting point as a clean platform. You can run the pedals straight into the amps input but remember, when adding gain pedals you will add noise. The Code does have a built in Noise Gate which can be accessed using the app or amps panel.

If you are not getting enough volume then please check the preset volume by using the “Volume” control. Make sure you have a healthy amount of “Volume” and then use the “Master” to taste.

The Preamp is the pre-amplified signal in a guitar amp which boosts the guitar signal to Line Level. This also includes the “tone stack”- Bass,Middle,Treble. The Power Amp then takes this signal and increase the signal strength to drive the speakers. For example, a 100 watt JCM800 has a more powerful power amp than a 50 watt JCM800 but their preamps are the same. The Power Amp will also change the feel and tone of an amplifier.



Marshall Support

answered 28 Nov 2022 at 11:10 AM

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