Marshall TSL:s in stereo, is it possible?


I got a M TSL 100W top with a bunch of Boss-pedals in a floor stomp board, including a stereo chorus and stereo delay (and the 5-way footswitch next to them). It would be nice if I could use the stereopedals in their fully potential, not in mono as I do today.

I got the money to buy another TSL and create a stereoset up, but will it work as I hope?

My thoughts/questions:

1. Do I need to have two (2) 5-way foot-switches  (one each for each amp)  to control both amps channels (I have looked at Voodoo labs-products but Iḿ notsure they would simplify this problem) 

2. Today I have the stomp-pedals in a loop. Would this be possible also in the stereo situation?


Thanks in advance for any answer.


asked 22 Aug 2023 at 04:57 PM

Janne Samuelsson
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Hi Janne,

Yes, you will need to use 2 separate pedals. There is no way of connecting one pedal to two TSL’s because of how the amp was designed.


Marshall Support

answered 29 Aug 2023 at 08:47 AM

Question for marshall Team: what about such solution:
1. Guitar -> to Input of one amp.
2. Send of this amp -> to In of Stereo Chorus (for example)
3. Left Out of this chorus -> to Return of this amp.
4. Right Out of the chorus -> to Return of second amp.
It looks like there is no need to connect footswitch to the second amp... May be I'm wrong, as I don't know what features are controlled by FS in this model.
- Jacek Klimkiewicz 29 Aug 2023 at 08:28 PM
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