Syncing Computer with Marshall CODE


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Gus Mags

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Gus Mags
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 Here is the process I used to accomplish what you have outlined. Make sure the phone or tablet, whatever is being used as the Bluetooth source app, is connected to your PC via USB. Remove any USB cable from the amp before starting this procedure. I'm not 100% sure it will cause a problem during the configuration but some equipment will expect certain operations if you leave cables connected. Best remove to make sure.

1. Connect your device to the PC, log on to the web site, activate My Gateway through the web site, log on to MyMarshall through your device. Also make sure amp is on and Bluetooth connectivity is established. My device is a Samsung Galaxy S5 but the process should be similar regardless of your specific device. Any preset is transferred to the amp via the device, not from the computer directly to the amp.

2. Add / download any new preset to your Library then move those new presets into the main Library. Any preset position you overwrite will cause the previous preset to move into your Library.

3. Click SAVE. Go to your device, open MENU, select MY MARSHALL, select SYNC NOW to ensure that the Library list goes to your device. The SYNC  does an automatic update but pressing SYNC NOW will at least allow you confirm the action. Close MENU.

4. On your device, tap the icon on the lower left of the screen to change the Library to PHONE mode. I think colour should now be blue, not gold / yellow.

5. Use a swipe to scroll through each new preset. What should happen is that each preset name will appear on the amp display. The EXIT/STORE indicator should also blink. This is because you are, in essence, making an edit to an existing preset. Press and hold the EXIT/STORE button until the display says Saved. Repeat this for each new preset until you have gone through your list. You could also try using the Library and tap each setting but I found it not as reliable as a swipe across the top of the home screen.

6. All preset listings should now match... amp, device and MyMarshall Gateway.

Hope this makes sense to you and helps. I may have made an oversight or two as I did this from memory.


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Dave Duncan (57)
Thank you very much. Just now I had a chance to try and it worked well. Worth noting that I do not think it works with Apple's Safari. - Gus Mags 29 Dec 2017 at 07:24 PM
Based on the numerous comments it appears that there are issues with all Apple products. It doesn't surprise me as I have had many problems with Apple, in general, when Windows based applications get ported over to Apple OS platforms. Anyway, glad this helped. Cheers! - Dave Duncan 29 Dec 2017 at 08:13 PM
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