Code 50 - Saving Presets onto the App


I just bought the CODE 50 and like it alot; I also have the GATEWAY APP on my phone.

(FYI: I literally must have 25-30 other Top Notch Amps- MARSHALLS / SOLDANO / HUGHES KETNNER / LINE 6 etc;

But I needed something very small for some of the tiny gigs we do; and I feel the CODE has better "Sounds" than my Fender Mustang GT - was using)


-I just created 15-10 CUSTOM PRESETSon the CODE. They are obviously saved on my CODE 50 AMP Presets 1 -25;

-BUT: HOW DO I ALSO SAVE/STORE THEM  TO MY GATEWWAY IPHONE APP???!! (aka; so I don't "lose' them, in case I want to use on another Code Amp, etc.?)

(Basically I'm afraid if I do it wrong; I'll restore the Factory Presets onto my Amp and all my work will be lost!)

-AND; if I do that; will MY PRESESTS  stay in my "APP"; even when the Amp is turned off and not connected to App?

Please let me know and thanks  (and any other Suggestions or INTEL!)!

Dave Saul


asked 07 Jan 2018 at 02:08 PM

Dave Saul
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Hi with your amp connected  to the gateway app at the left hand bottom corner of the app screws you will see a image of the amp / app screen , by pressing the image you can flick between the amp presets and what you have on the app. So as you have started you have changed presets 1-25 on the amp but if you flick the image on gateway it will play what is on the app ( 00 EL34) . Now to save what you have created go in to the library tab on the app on your device on the right handsome of the library menu if you click on the arrow you get a save menu screen where you get the option to save preset to amp / app . So using app view the amp library  where you have your new presets store click arrow save to library. Yes  the presets will stay on  the app after its disconnected.

Hope this helps. 


answered 07 Jan 2018 at 06:12 PM

Martin Blyth (27)
and don't forget to share them with us too!! There is a little radio switch...private or publish. publish...obvious...private?? yours?? but some are using this resourse too....:-) try this link.
- dave thomas 10 Jan 2018 at 08:53 AM
Awesome and thanks Martin .. I tried saving 1 preset to "Library" and it worked!!!
Just like I read in the reviews .. the more I create and tweak my own Presets; the more I love the Code Amp. I have it in my Studio; sitting next to my REAL MARSHALL 410 H 100 Watt Half Stack to compare, and also comparing it directly via an A/B switch tied in with my FENDER MUSTANG GT.. which I originally just bought for this 6 months ago; to use for this small Gigs. , I thought for $400, the Fender was very good and versatile . BUT then I heard about the Code; was so cheap I bought it with a Gift Certificate I got for the holidays and NOW, to my ears at least; there is no doubt the Marshall Code sounds a little better - a little less "Fake" and Digital". (And plus the Fender Footswitch seems to "FREEZE"; so I like that the Marshall Foot switch is simpler)
I created like 20 Presets, on many I primarily tweaked the DELAY, lowered Reverb, added Gain etc. . Yesterday I got the Footswitch and now have to see how to save them to BANKS to best use a at Gig. Dave I will gladly share them as soon as i figure how LOL!

One more question...what is SYNC? (used for) the APP

Thanks guys
- Dave Saul 10 Jan 2018 at 01:40 PM
when you get the hang of downloading other peoples presets to "your gateway" pressind sync on the app will force sync to this website thus updating if it hasn't already - as long as your app is logged onto this site too!! hint hint LOL - dave thomas 11 Jan 2018 at 08:57 AM
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