When you activate bluetooth on the amp the code number that is displayed, must it be entered somewhere. I have your app loaded down on a smartab. I press           "scan for amps"  and nothing...all the time no connection...would appreciate some feedback...thanks

asked 08 Feb 2018 at 07:20 PM

stephen palmer
Answers: 1


Try these steps... (some you may have already tried so be cool and follow along).

1. Activate Bluetooth on the amp (blue light is blinking).

2. On device activate Bluetooth or switch off then on. Device will search for amp then likely request permission to pair. Blue light will turn solid when paired.

3. Once pairing has completed, open Gateway, open MENU, select CODE and check listing to confirm amp to shown. Also check AUTO CONNECT if not already checked.

4. If amp is listed but not connected then tap the address to connect. You may need to tap it more than once.

5. Amp should now be connected with message indicating "Connected to CODE [address]".

6. Next time you turn on the amp this connection may drop. Simply repeat steps (1) and (2) and connection should re-establish.

7. If connection fails then there may be a problem with Bluetooth on your device or a compatibilty issue. Marshall Support can offer assistance in that case.

Good luck. 

answered 09 Feb 2018 at 02:23 AM

Dave Duncan (57)
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