My Review of the Code 50


I got a Marshall Code 50 a few days ago. It is so much more than I expected. There are more than enough presets to mess with. Some are pretty crappy, but there are abunch of good ones worth tweaking. I've read a lot of comments saying that the amp is crap, the presets suck,etc  With so many editing options available, if you can't find the tone you want, you shouldn't be messing with modeling amps.   There is plenty of power for my needs, and seems to sound good and consistent through a large volume range.

The stuff I don't like:

1) Why couldn't you use a 1/4" headphone jack instead of the mini?  

2) Why couldn't you use a USB normal sized plug instead of miniUSB?  You didn't know that miniUSB is almost prehistoric now? I had a tough time finding an adaptor here in Sao Paulo.  If I can't easily get ancient technology here in Brazil, the connector must be extinct in the real world.

I've started messing around connecting the amp  to my DAW Logic pro and recorded some stuff. It's got potential

CODE Presets USB

asked 19 Feb 2018 at 11:18 PM

Ralph Marshall
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Hi Ralph,

Thank you for your message and thank you for your feedback,  we will pass your feedback to our R & D team.

Kind Regards

Marshall Support

answered 21 Feb 2018 at 09:10 AM

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