CODE 50 USB setup with CUBASE 9 How?


How do I set up my new CODE50 USB to my CUBASE9? "CODE" shows up in CUBASE Inspector for MIDI Tracks, but no signal.

Do I need a CODE driver? 

Does the CODE50 USB only send MIDI?

Does it send audio waveform signals?

I viewed a couple of Marshall video tutorials that didn't help and it says practically nothing in the download manual. 

Thanks, Kevin

asked 23 Feb 2018 at 12:31 AM

kevin hughes
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Go to audio preferences in my DAW.

Select ASIO4ALL as my audio interface.

Select ‘setup’ to access the ASIO4ALL control panel.

Ensure only CODE is selected. Selecting the other audio interfaces allows you to combine inputs and outputs, so you can record from CODE but playback via the speakers attached to your computer etc…. but this might complicate matters for now.

Close that all down.

Setup an audio channel in my DAW and route the audio input from ASIO4ALL to my input.

Ensure my master channel output in my DAW is routed to the ASIO4ALL outputs.

Playback and recording should now work.

If you are still have issues after this, we would recommend contacting Cubase customer support to see if they can help further.

Marshall Support


answered 26 Feb 2018 at 09:42 AM



Hi Kevin,

Thank you for your message,

Cubase on Windows will not work with an audio device using the standard Windows audio driver.  Cubase on MacOS/OSX will work without anything else needed.

Using a third party driver such as ASIO4ALL - will work with CODE and will allow you to use Cubase and CODE together.

Marshall Support


answered 23 Feb 2018 at 11:11 AM

OK, I did all this and read the 4all manual. I think I set it up correctly using the 4all Control Panel and changed the asio driver in my Cubase control panel, but no signal. I really don't get it. Do I still need to rout it through my interface? Does my interface that shows up in the 4all control panel need to be clicked on? and if so then, how does that need to be set up in this situation? The 4all forum in does not let me register, or ask a question and this particular application is not addressed. Thanks, kevin - kevin hughes 24 Feb 2018 at 07:31 PM
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