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Got my amp, Code 100 combo and loving it, lucky to have a present of the new PEDL CODE Footswitch.

Being a bit of a noob to this new amp technology, I have managed to save a  preset to the pedal, but no thanks to the instructional video mind you, which misses out the essential part that you are meant to press store on the amp and press the location on the pedal at the same time. There I was pressing the footswitch like it says in the video then trying to store. Very ambiguous instructions there, not clear at all.

However, one question is, once I turn off my amp, are the settings on the footswitch wiped out or are they stored until I want to delete them?

Also, it appears that I can only store to the pedal from the amp. So what if I'm using the amp in 'blue' mode from a hand held device?

 That doesn't seem to work for me (using my preset from my handheld device and storing to the pedal that is) as it keep defaulting to an Amercian preset.

I may be doing something wrong, therefore I thought I'd ask the question, rather than just pull what little hair I have left out in frustration.

What are the limitations on the Code pedal? The documentation is woefully inadequote IMHO. The suppport video being just as poor.

I know the issue, it's software designed by software developers, with no end user experience being considered as opposed to using a UX team during development.

We either need more indepth clear and concise instructions, or a new video showing a detailed example how to save a preset (not just a voice over while looking at flashing LED's) and whether we can save, not only from the amp, but save a preset from the handheld device and store them for later use.

Sorry if the above is a bit of a moan, but if nobody moaned nothing would be done.

If you could answer my points above, that would be helpful.



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Chris Davies (12)

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Chris Davies (12)
AHH Thanks for posting i have been trying to install a preset on the footswitch for the past 3 hours as you said using the video tutorial i will give this a try tomorrow. BUT one thing i have found is messing about pressing the footswitch buttons has taken a couple of presets off the code 100 so now i need to try and get them back GGRRRR - Kevin Davis 31 Mar 2018 at 09:31 PM
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However, one question is, once I turn off my amp, are the settings on the footswitch wiped out or are they stored until I want to delete them?


The footswitch does NOT store ANY of amp settings. It only can store preset number, so if you assign A1 to preset number 23, A2 to preset 8, A3 to preset 45 etc., pressing footswitch buttons recalls desired presets at your amp. If you edit preset 23 (doesn't matter the device, you can do it directly on the amp, you can use mobile phone or PC) you don't have to re-programm your footswitch, pressing A1 button switch amp to "new" preset 23. 

Sorry if it's not quite clear, english is definitely not my first language... :-)

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Jacek Klimkiewicz (204)
That's what I meant. So the preset numbers(settings) does persist if switched off. It's very glitchy, saving a preset from a hand held device is VERY hit and miss. - Chris Davies 01 Mar 2018 at 07:42 PM
Nothing is actually stored in the pedal. I have 2 CODE amps each set up with different patches (long story). I have just the one pedal but I can program that individually with each amp for example on amp A I might have A1=preset4, A2=preset7, A3=preset1 and on amp B A1=preset1, A2=preset14, a3=preset7 and it all works as I'd expect. I'm not quite sure where you're struggling and I'm sorry I can't be of much further help. I'm a pensioner and it all seems rather intuitive to me. - Paula Thomas 02 Mar 2018 at 09:42 PM
insegnami come salvare per esempio in A1 preset 6, in A2 preset 23 etc. etc.
- Domenico Pagnutti 09 Mar 2018 at 06:10 PM
If you make any change to the settings within the amp, either directly or thru the Gateway app, the footswitch has no idea about that. All it does is save you from having to go to the amp to change the preset number (1-99) you are using. Now, since you can have different settings hard coded in the amp and on the Gateway app, you can actually create 200 presets and go back and forth from them with the app but the footswitch will only select the active preset from those that are in the amp at the time (hard coded or Gateway app). - Dave Witek 12 Mar 2018 at 04:46 PM


I thought this was a good video:

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wayne schwisow (15)
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