code 50 with marshall Major II headphones ?


I need to buy headphones for work, and to practice guitar at home.

For work I need bluetooth headphones, but for guitar practice, I need wired.

I've already had problems with my Sennheiser wireless headphones, so I want to make sure thse are compatable with the code 50 amp.

Can someone confirm that the major II headset will work with the code 50 amp using the 3.5m mini jack cable that comes with the headset?



asked 12 Apr 2018 at 01:49 PM

Gerbrand Nel (7)
Answers: 2


While I do not have the Major II, I use the Marshall Monitors.  They work great with the CODE 100H.  The plugs should be the same.  

answered 16 Apr 2018 at 01:52 AM

Mark Hallman (25)


Going to answer my own question here for anyone else wondering.

The Major ii headphones work with the code 50 when using the 3.5mm cord.

Sounds pretty awesome too :)


answered 20 Apr 2018 at 07:44 AM

Gerbrand Nel (7)
Can you pair your code50 to your major II wirelessly to practice??? Any delay issues or something like that? - Kevin Franck 29 Sep 2019 at 03:47 AM
Hi Gerband,

This will not work, as for both Code and Major II you will need a device to connect too.

Marshall Support
- Lee Tomlin 30 Sep 2019 at 08:03 AM
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