marshall code 25 "bug"


Hello guys, i own a marshall code 25 since last summer and about one week now as i play the sound dies sudenly. The amp seems to work all the knobs,the footswitch but no sound at all. The sound comes back when i restart it but after 5-10 minutes of playing same thing happens. I have installed the latest firmware. Does anyone else has the same problem? Any advices would be pretty much apriciated. I bought the amp from andertons, i sent them an email like 3 days ago but no answer yet. Is there any warranty?

asked 05 May 2018 at 09:08 AM

Mike Soul (1)
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I just had this happen to me too.  Mine got so bad it would turn off after 10 seconds so I ended up going to a local Marshall Repair guy and Marshall ended up sending me a brand new one since it was still under warranty.   They were pretty quick too, dropped it off last friday and just got the new one today.

Here's the site I went to to find where to take it:

and if you didn't register the warranty yet, worth doing first:

Good luck, hope this helps!

answered 05 May 2018 at 11:35 PM

Ryan Urbanski (13)


Thanks a lot mate, i will try to contact marshall to see what can i do. I hope to have the same results :D

answered 06 May 2018 at 11:25 AM

Mike Soul (1)
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