Code Firmware 1.41 update


Does anybody know when Code firmware update is expected to be released?

Current version causes serious issues with Bluetooth reconnecion after the amp is swiched off.  Also Master Volume does not work evenly and my CODE 25 is definitely too loud for practising at home.

asked 15 May 2018 at 10:13 AM

Krzysztof Petyniak (1)
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Personally never have any connection issues with Bluetooth and iPad or Android phone (and I have x 5 CODE amps.).

On the subject of the Master Volume:

It is not going to be solved by a firmware update I assure you.  All 5 of my amps. (now) have the same issue (3 x CODE25 and 2 x CODE 50).  It's the pots. I'm afraid.  And I'm now finding that on one of them I'm having the same issue with the Preset Volume pot. as well.  How do I know it's the pots.???  Because if you adjust the Preset Volume with software all is perfect i.e. you can increment in 0.1 steps and it's perfectly linear in operation with software.  In other words: the software is just fine.  It's a hardware issue and to resolve with hardware: replace the pots. with new (dare I say "QUALITY"???) pots.

So to solve your volume problem (with software):

Simply adjust (and SAVE) a lower Preset Volume for each preset and problem solved.  I too (VERY unfortunately) have just relocated to a place where I too have to be considerate insofar as volume is concerned (driving me nuts and doing my head in if the truth be told) so I put my Master Volume at 9 'o clock on the amps and have dialed down the Preset Volume for all presets (don't forget to SAVE) and so far so good (just make sure that you dial back ALL of the 100 presets i.e. you may be in for a shock if you forget one and just happen to scroll over to that preset by mistake) (and please trust me on this one i.e. even with the Master Volume at only 9 'o clock some of the factory presets are LOUD I assure you).

Hope this helps.

Suppose the above info. should be shared on the other 100 or so posts (only kidding) on this Master Volume issue but I don't have the time right now I'm afraid so HOPEFULLY those monitoring those threads will find this one (as I said in a previous post: wish I had a few $$$ for each time I've posted on this same issue!!!  LOL!!!).




answered 16 May 2018 at 08:41 AM

Dale Paterson (105)
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