Firmware update for Code 25 (and others for bluetooth issues).


Bluetooth issues with the latest firmware and Code amps are well known (v1.41).  These issues did not exist with the previous firmware.  I'm sure many would simply like to revert, but Marshall has been telling us they have been working on fixing this since October of last year.  Alluding to new firmware coming for quite some time now... 

My questions are simple.  Can you give any sort of an actual ETA for the next firmware revision for the Code amps (Code 25 in my case)?  If no firmware revision is soon forthcoming, will you offer us the option to revert to the previous firmware until an actual fix/update is ready?

Not asking if you are still working on things here, or if you may consider a revert option.  Asking if there is anything solid to give us here in hopes the issues firmware v1.41 has caused will soon be resolved (or not if that should be the case). It's been long enough I think, please just let us know.  


asked 15 Jul 2018 at 09:44 AM

Steve M (6)
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