Abrupt loss of volume on Marshall Code 100


Hi all! I'm a very pleased user of a CODE 100 combo. I'ts a quite wonderful tool for those that cannot achieve a Boutique or Vintage tool.

 Until this time I used it at home mostly with Headphones, due it's power is very high to set it for speaker use.


But this weekend we had an oportunity to use it on a live presentation. That day the amp showed some problems using the speakers: In the middle of the presentation it suddenly lost volume, staying turned on. Obviously it was a very unconfortable situation, and my only reaction was to turn it off and on after a few minutes. This failure happened at least 5 times.


There are many supositions I made about this issue, before sending the amp to my dealer:

1)  The voltage mains was under very high fluctuation values.

2)  Firmware glitch

3)  Broken Master Volume pot


I'll check the amp and see if this problem is still happening. Do you have any other diagnosis/solution to tell me? I'm very worried about this problem


Thanks in advance to all,


asked 13 Aug 2018 at 12:16 PM

Matías Nahuel Talledo (1)
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