will marshall add eq block on code amps?


hello, i'm a code user (25 watts) and i have to say that is a great amp for clean tones and crunch also. But when you try to create a hi gain tone there are some frequencies that ruin your sound, and this make me think that these unit need an eq effect or block to reach a tone with more precision. will marshall still have plans for the code line?  will you release a new update ? i hope that marshall enginners listen my petition

pd: the eq knobs in the amp doesn't help 


asked 27 Sep 2018 at 06:19 AM

Pelao Medina
Answers: 1


Hello Pelao,

Thank you for your comments, these will be passed on to our development team. In the meantime you can tighten up some of the high gain tones by turning the bass and resonance controls down very low. This could help a little. 


Kind Regards

Marshall Support

answered 27 Sep 2018 at 12:58 PM

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