How do I Transfer a Preset FROM my CODE Amp to my Gateway app or My Marshall Library?


I purchased a Marshall CODE 100H + 212 Cab recently.

I downloaded the Marshall Gateway app and have created a My Marshall account.


The Amp came pre-loadedwith a 100 presets.

The Marshall Gateway app also came pre-loaded with 100 presets,

but the Gateway app presets are different from the ones in the amp.



I synced the 100 presets in the Gateway app to my "My Marshall" account Library.


I have edited and saved some of the Presets on my Amp.

I want to transfer the edited Presets on my Amp to my "My Marshall" account Library, and then put them in my Gateway app, 

How do I Transfer a Preset FROM my CODE Amp to my "My Marshall" account Library?

I see the option to transfer a Preset from My Library to the Amp,

and I understand how to manage / organize the Gateway app presets from the Library,

but I don't see a way to put a Preset on the Amp in the Library.

Do I have to manually re-create it in the Library?


The My Gateway online interface is  great for managing / organizing the Gateway app presets from the Library.

It would be useful if there was as similar interface for managing / organizing the presets on the Amp, when connected via USB.



asked 27 Oct 2018 at 10:18 PM

A. Todd Henker
Did anybody answer this? I have the same exact question!!! - Del Levin 28 Nov 2020 at 11:59 PM
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Congrats.  These are fantastic amps. in spite of what the (valve) naysayers have to say!!!  LOL!!!  So enjoy.

The easiest way to save from the amp. to your library (and obviously you're not having any bluetooth connectivity issues):

Make sure you select the amp. (bottom left hand corner of the app.).

Call up the preset on the amp. that you want to save to your library.

Make a small change to any one of the controls (but remember what you've changed).  As soon as you do this you'll see a green "SAVE" button appear at the top right hand corner of the app.  Select this "SAVE" button and you then have the choice to "SAVE" either to the amp. or to your library (or both).  Once you "SAVE" then you have to just go back and reverse the small change you made and save again (to both the amp. and your library).

The above is a real pain I know and I've suggested that Marshall change the app. so that the "SAVE" button is ALWAYS visible so that you can then just toggle between amp. and library and save without having to actually make a change to enable to "SAVE" button (but still waiting for somebody to make this change).

As far as USB is concerned:

There is a Windows program (link below) that allows you to control your amp. direct from your desktop (I use it almost exclusively).  It's a third party program (not Marshall Amplification official nor supported) but it works like a charm (subject to my info. posted on the second link below).






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Dale Paterson (105)

answered 28 Oct 2018 at 07:40 AM

Dale Paterson (105)
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