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hi there,

i'm pretty new to the whole cabinet with heads mixing and matching, i have only used combo's before and i am wondering about the power output of the code 100H which should be 100 watts if i am correct but the 412 cabinet is rated at 200 watts? so are you kind of limited as to what the cabinet can do or how does the whole power rating work? i ordered the 100H and 412 cab but i just want to be sure i'm not missing out on something bcs the power rating isn't correct

thanks guys!

asked 30 Oct 2018 at 11:41 AM

joren vangoethem
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The CODE100H is rated at 100W RMS and the cab. is rated at 200W PEAK (as things should be).

But this gives rise to another question (just noticed this):

The other recommended cab. is the 212 but this is rated at only 100W according to the manual???  Doesn't make sense.

Unless (just thought of this): the 412 can be run in either mono or stereo and it could be that the power rating is stating 200W for BOTH channels???  If this is the case then it's not quite accurate now is it.

And by the way and for what it's worth: there's some question about which is louder i.e. a 412 or a 212.  The general consensus is that a 212 is louder simply because it's more efficient.

Anyways.  I'm keen to see some input here myself from Marshall.



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Dale Paterson (104)

answered 30 Oct 2018 at 03:49 PM

Dale Paterson (104)
i'm finding that they are only mono so i think we can erase that theory,
and okay they might be louder but chances are you are gonna blow a speaker if they are not really rated for the full power of the 100H right?
- joren vangoethem 30 Oct 2018 at 04:06 PM

I agree with you for sure so better we wait for Marshall to confirm all of this.

As far as mono or stereo is concerned: I just found that in the manual (but if I read it correctly it would appear that there are two types i.e. those that are only mono and those that are mono/stereo).

Sorry. I only have CODE25's and CODE50's but I've had to do a lot of research into the whole range in the past few weeks hence my chiming in here. But I could very well be wrong (and maybe I do decide to expand my CODE range so I'd like to know the answers myself).

Whatever the outcome: congrats. They're fine amps.


- Dale Paterson 30 Oct 2018 at 04:17 PM
Hello again.

Put it this way: I'm pretty sure you're better off having the 412 whatever the outcome i.e. no chance of you blowing the speakers.

For the sake of interest:

The 412 is 4 x 12" 50W 8Ω speakers but the unit impedance is 8Ω = 200W and this can only be that each pair of speakers is wired internally in series (16Ω) and then in parallel (back to 8Ω).

The 212 is 2 x 12" 50W 4Ω speakers but the unit impedance is 8Ω = 100W so the speakers have to be connected internally in series then.

Still doesn't explain the discrepancy as both units are 8Ω.

Oddly enough I had this debate and discussion just the other day. For the sake of interest (again): the power output from the amp. remains the same regardless of the number of speakers i.e. the total power gets divided between the speakers (as long as the impedance remains the same) (some people, understandably to be honest, think that as long as the impedance stays the same then by increasing the numbers of speakers the louder things will get and this is actually not the case to the point where if you hook up too many speakers, and even although the impedance remains the same, they'll no longer be driven correctly and could result in an actual loss of power or loudness).

But yeh. Input is needed. If I'm right about the 200W PEAK rating for the 412 then the 212 rating is either suspect or should not be used. And if I'm wrong about the 200W PEAK rating well, then, be careful when you turn it up!!! LOL!!!


- Dale Paterson 30 Oct 2018 at 04:45 PM

I'm finding a manual called "M3310.050_StereoCabManual_lowres" (PDF) from this link:

Anyways. Keen to hear from Marshall on this (as I'm sure you are).


- Dale Paterson 30 Oct 2018 at 04:49 PM
i should be getting my 100 head from ups tomorrow so i'll slowly turn it up and see how loud they go XD
even tho turning these guys to 50% might already create some angry neighbours... LOL

and i also have another question not really related to this i think, i'm just wondering what to do if i want another 412 cab added to this, the 100 head only has 1 output and i'm new to the cabs and stuff so i have no clue as to how i can do this
- joren vangoethem 30 Oct 2018 at 05:04 PM

Well first of all: I'm happy for you. I'm even looking forward to UPS arriving at your place MYSELF!!! LOL!!! I think you're going to be very happy.

I can tell you that it's going to be PLENTY loud. I run two CODE50's together and please believe me when I say that they are L-O-U-D at full tilt!!! Sound goes right through you!!! It's fantastic.

Adding another cab. could be problematic. I say this because the golden rule to remember is that you cannot lower the impedance. Your amp. has to have a load of AT LEAST 8Ω. So you COULD buy a second 412 cab. and wire them in series. This would give you a load of 16Ω BUT the power of the amp. would then be halved as it is designed to output 100W into 8Ω. You could not buy a second 412 cab. and wire them in parallel because this would halve the impedance (to 4Ω) and you'd blow the amp. So I wouldn't do this to be honest. Rather buy another whole setup (another 100H plus 412 cab.) and run them in stereo (using a splitter box or stereo effects). One thing you can be sure of is MONSTER sound and if you use stereo effects: fantastic!!!

I have to admit that I feel like a total fool given my initial responses here. Sorry. It'll be the third time in about a week I've posted and only after posting have I realised that I was talking rubbish!!! Must be over tired or something!!! Maybe I should take a break from posting on forums for a while too (this and others)!!! LOL!!!

Point is: there' s nothing wrong with any of the specs. The 412 has 4 x 50W speakers so there's your 200W. The 212 has 2 x 50W speakers so there's your 100W. And after some careful thought: the CODE100 COMBO has 2 x 50W speakers in it which equals 100W which matches the power output of the amp. So you're definitely good to go with the 412 for sure (but even the 212 would have been fine). In other words: I think I was wrong about the PEAK values. Sorry.

But yeh: in spite of the above maybe Marshall can give a quick look at all of this and advise on the difference between the two cabs. and which is the better or recommended for the CODE100H.


- Dale Paterson 30 Oct 2018 at 05:33 PM
thanks very much for all this info dale but there is just 1 problem with buying another head and cab, you need to make the same presets on the 2 heads and you can't use a footswitch since they only go to one head etc...
so yeah that one downside but other than that i'm so stoked about this
thanks for all your help!
have a good day/night depending on where you are (night right here)
- joren vangoethem 30 Oct 2018 at 05:39 PM
Hello (again). LOL!!!

Well ACTUALLY: there's a workaround for that exact problem i.e. controlling two amps. with one footswitch!!! I had the problem. Unfortunately: it involves buying two footswitches (PEDL91009) )as well as constructing a third yourself (just using a small box or enclosure with four switches). Each switch in the third footswitch simply connects to the corresponding switches in the Marshall footswitches so when you depress a switch on the third footswitch it activates the corresponding switches on the two Marshall footswitches. It's the only way I got this to work. Bridging only two Marshall footswitches (without the third homemade one) doesn't work. And I tried various other footswitches (including programmable footswitches) and none worked. It's because the footswitches for the CODE range are intelligent i.e. the amps. look for the presence of the Marshall CODE footswitch and if not found they do nothing. Probably not the most elegant of solutions but it does work nevertheless. The other option of course is to control them both via MIDI via the USB port. This also works but then it assumes you have all programmed into a DAW or something like that (which I don't find ideal for live performance i.e. too man things can go wrong). This all being said: your CODE100H is SUPPOSED to come with a two button footswitch (PEDL91010). I tried to get a hold of two of them last year but nobody would supply them to me here (South Africa) so I don't know if they would operate differently i.e. I don't know what would happen if you simply bridged two of them together (they're not intelligent footswitches so who knows i.e. maybe it would work).


- Dale Paterson 30 Oct 2018 at 05:57 PM
yeah indeed there is a footswitch included with the head and oh south africa so we are in the same time zone (i'm from belgium) and yeah well i guess i'll just keep it at 1 412 cab... LOL too much misery to get 2 cabs to work simultaniously - joren vangoethem 30 Oct 2018 at 06:18 PM
All our cabinet ratings are RMS not PEAK the Code412 is fitted with four 50 watt speakers this give the overall power of 200 watt allowing you to use an amplifier with a RMS output up to 200 watts. The sound that is produced in the 212 and 412 cabinets is down to the efficiency of the speakers as well as the power handling.
As with the 212 it is fitted with two 50 watts speakers giving it an over all 100 watt RMS this will work with the CODE100.

The CODE100 is not designed to run two cabinets

The CODE212 is fitted with two 50 watt 4ohm speakers wired in series to give a 8 ohms 100watt RMS Cabinet

Kind Regards
Marshall Support
- Marshall 31 Oct 2018 at 08:31 AM
so actually the code 100H is not capable of using the full potential of a code 412 cab? - joren vangoethem 31 Oct 2018 at 10:02 AM
The power handling of the speaker is not related to the efficiency of the speakers in it, you can plug a 1 watt amplifier into the cabinet and it would sound good, you do not have to run an amplifier into a cabinet with the same RMS impedance to gain the maximum efficiency and sound from the amplifier.

Kind Regards
Marshall Support
- Marshall 31 Oct 2018 at 10:09 AM
Hey Joren.

Sooo??? Has it arrived yet???

Well I've learned something new today i.e. that Marshall cabs. are rated in RMS and not PEAK. Nice to know. So thanks for asking the question. And sorry once again for incorrect information.

The above being said: I'm not entirely sure I agree with the last statement made but who am I to argue I guess.

Anyways. Let us all know how it goes and what it sounds like!!!



- Dale Paterson 31 Oct 2018 at 11:25 AM
ups hasn't delivered it yet, but they still have 2 hours so maybeee..
and if not i'll get it on friday bcs it's a national holiday here tomorrow which sucks..
- joren vangoethem 31 Oct 2018 at 03:57 PM
Oh man. I hope it arrived ESPECIALLY because it's a Public Holiday there today!!!

I know how it feels though. If it's any consolation: I waited SIX MONTHS for one of my guitars to be built!!! Drove me insane!!! LOL!!! Was worth the wait though. And I'm sure you'll feel the same the moment you plug the thing in!!!

Anyways. Let us all know how you get on.


- Dale Paterson 01 Nov 2018 at 05:40 AM
hey dale, the head arrived about 2 hours ago, and i have been playing since
this is just awesome, WAY too loud for inside but it'll be perfect for some performances with the band and the sound it produces is soo good!
and well my previous amp was a 200$ 40watt small combo amp from roland so this is quite an upgrade!
- joren vangoethem 02 Nov 2018 at 01:29 PM
Hey Joren!!!

I'm really sooo very happy for you!!!!!! Seriously enjoy. Have a really really nice weekend (I'm sure you will have!!! LOL!!!).

Make us some recordings or two sometime,


- Dale Paterson 02 Nov 2018 at 03:21 PM
hey dale,
i'll probably do that but i don't know how to let you listen to them so i might just go put some stuff on youtube when i have some nice recordings, is there any way we can talk without spamming this forum? LOL XD
- joren vangoethem 02 Nov 2018 at 07:48 PM
Hey hey.

How's things going??? You been annoying the neighbors??? LOL!!!

Let's get in touch via email then: (email address deleted now but you will have it in the email notification sent to you from the forums)..

Well there's YouTube and SoundCloud (SoundCloud works great).

I'm going to spend some time doing the same thing i.e. recording some snippets using one or two of my "prize" presets and different recording techniques.

Chat soon then.


- Dale Paterson 04 Nov 2018 at 07:49 AM
well this works fine i guess XP i'll let you know whenever i put something on yt or something else but it might not be right now, got some exams coming up... and yes i use the master volume a bit when i am home alone... - joren vangoethem 05 Nov 2018 at 04:08 PM
Hi Dale, how did you run two code 50's together, as am considering extending my rig which is just a code 100 combo at present? - Michael Lawson 28 Jan 2020 at 06:17 PM
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