Amp model no. 2195 100 W Lead & Bass!!


I have recently been given the above amp and before I connect it to a speaker and switch it on I am concerned to know the correct protocol for connecting a speaker cabinet(s).  The speaker output sockets have no information directly next to them but a label elsewhere on the rear of the amp states "WARNING. Not to be used with speaker cabinets of less than 4 ohms"

My queries are:-

1. Is it safe (i.e. without risk of damage to the amp) to use just one speaker output as long as it is connected to a speaker cabinet of 4 ohms minimum impedance and appropriate wattage?

2. When using both speaker outputs can they both be connected to cabinets each of 4 ohms minimum impedance or are the outputs paralleled in which case would I need to work with two cabinets each of 8 ohms to arrive at a 4 ohms minimum impedance in total?

Apologies if the answer to this seems obvious but I have a little knowledge of these matters and while a little knowledge can be 'a dangerous thing' it can also lead you to be concerned (possibly unnecessarily) about getting things right!

Thanks in anticipation

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jaison pandey
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Hello Jaison,

Regarding your question, the speaker outputs are in parallel with a minmium overall impedance of 4 ohms, this means you can connect 1 or 2 speaker cabinets if you are using two the minium impedance of both of them cannot be less then 4 ohms. For instance two 8ohms cabinets will give you 4ohms.


Kind Regards

Marshall Support

answered 11 Dec 2018 at 09:08 AM

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