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I have a CODE 50 which I L-O-V-E except for one thing. Effects are not as easy to utilize as stomp boxes.  I have seen on YouTube how Code owners ckearva pre set “turn everything off” then utilize a whole friggin pedal board. I have tried this and it does not work. Actually more appropriately I’m certain I did not do it right or it would have worked fine. Can someone PLEASE list a step by step on how to clear an existing preset to where it is just a “plain” ol’ regular  amp.  THA K YOU IN ADVANCE. I’m beginning to feel as if this purchase was purely a novice mistake but I would love to keep this Code but have the option to utilize my modest pedal board if I do choose to do so. THANK YOU!!!

asked 13 Dec 2018 at 09:54 PM

dwaine brosemer (1)
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Hi Dwaine,

Thank you for your message, you cannot clear the preset the Code is a modeling amp and needs the presets for the amp to work, you can turn off the FXs but not clear the presets.

Marshall Support

answered 14 Dec 2018 at 02:31 PM

search in the user presets for "clean" and also another search for "pedals". I have tried a couple but have settled on the one by david doss called "the code" . other people have also made "clean" amp presets. check them out

there is also another site that you may not be aware of that has heaps of user presets including clean for pedal ones :-)
- dave thomas 17 Dec 2018 at 02:59 AM


Hello, Dwiane.  I just did a factory reset last night.  I bought the CODE 100H (head only) used but in almost mint condition.  The previous owner must have had a foot pedal and almost every setting had been messed with for his taste. If this is what you want to do?  Start here, then download a manual.  It really helped me! I hope this works for you?

  • Power OFF the amplifier using the ON/OFF switch (#14 in this manual).
  • Whilst holding down the AMP Section Switch, turn the power ON.
  • The screen will display a notification that the amplifier is about to be returned to its factory settings.
  • If you are sure that you want to perform a factory reset, press, and hold the EXIT/STORE switch to confirm (#22 in this manual).
  • If you do not want to restore the factory presets, pressing any other switch will cancel the factory reset operation and boot the amplifier as normal.

Thanks, Jon D.

answered 26 Dec 2018 at 12:23 AM

jonathan doty (1)
Hey Jonathan, thanks bud. So by doing this then, do you lose all presets? Which I honestly wouldn’t mind now that Inam getting to the point to where I would like to begin using pedals..... - dwaine brosemer 26 Dec 2018 at 05:24 AM
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