DSL40CR power cable plug and external speacker - URGENT


Hi, 3 question:

1) I'm Italian and I just purchased on ebay a brend new DSL40Cr from a UK shop. I was wondering if the ampli still works at 220V - 50 Hz as per manual, regardeless the fact it comes from UK, and if will arrive with power calbe schuko plug or UK plug. In this case may I use an adaptor male shuko/female UK ?

2) I would like to know if I can use an external speaker as additional together with the internal Speaker, for example the internal 16 Ohm speaker + an external 8 Ohm speacker connected obviously at right socket.

3) in case of use of one external speaker (e.g. 8 Ohm ) which one I should connect of the two socket where is labeled down "1 x 8 OHM - 2 x 16 OHM" ? is it indifferent, the one to the left or the right ?

update for the question n.2: maybe I figure out how it has to be done: unplug the internal speacker from 16 OHM socket and plug it into the 8 OHM speacker. plug a 16 OHM external cabinet into the other 8 OHM Speacker socket. otherwise only configuration showed on manual are allowed. Is that correct?


thank you

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Roberto ACErob71

asked 15 Jan 2019 at 01:06 PM

Roberto ACErob71
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Hello Roberto,

The amplifier will work at 220v you would just need to change the mains lead, we don`t recommend connecting two speakers with a different impedance.

If you wish to use an extension cabinet we recommend plugging in a 16ohm extension cabinet into one of the two sockets marked 1x8 or 2x16 and unplug the internal speaker and plug it into the other socket marked 1x8 or 2x16.


Kind Regards

Marshall Support

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Hi Roberto,

Actually, you can run both speaker cabinets together as long as you plug them both into the 8 ohm speaker connections.  In parallel, they would run approximately 12 ohms which is perfectly safe with the setup I just mentioned.  I offer this information as a long time educated electronics technician and musician.



answered 14 Mar 2019 at 11:18 PM

Jeff Widick
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