JVM410hjs Serial loop Bleed through


I'm a new owner of JVM410hjs, I just found out that the serial fx loop got problem

I have plugged in an effect chain into the fx loop, I have enabled the fx loop on the front panel,

what my question is that if I haven't plugged in the power supply for the effect chain, i.e. the effect chain in the fx loop is dead as there are buffered bypass pedals inside. The fx loop is serial loop thus at this situation, the amp must be dead silent. But the reality is I still hear a low volume of my playing through the cabinet, this bleed through is normally happened in parallel loop, but why my hjs serial loop also do that? Is that normal as the circuit designed is like this or my jvm is defected?

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Royce Lau

asked 17 Aug 2016 at 04:37 PM

Royce Lau
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We recommend that you switch the effects loop on, then unplug everything from the effects loop and have the mix control all the way round to maxium, if you still hear a small amount of signal when played there may be a probelm with the effects loop. In which we recommend that you take it back to the dealer you purchased it through. 

If you don`t hear any noise it may mean that one of your pedals is bleeding the signal when in the effects loop. 

answered 18 Aug 2016 at 07:27 AM

i have tried, after i unplugged everything from the effect loop, there is no difference between switching on or off the effect loop, the signal is the same as i just plug in the guitar and play - Royce Lau 22 Aug 2016 at 09:13 AM
In that case we would recommend taking it back to your dealer you purchased it through. - Marshall 22 Aug 2016 at 09:47 AM
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