Hey Marshall, where can I get additional “virtual pedals?”


I own a code 100h with the footswitch and I love this rig. I play through a 4x12 Celestion cab with gold standard vintage g12-75’s. It took a little bit of time to really become comfortable with the app and head interface, but it’s like riding a bike now. Thank you for this technology, Marshall, please don’t stop supporting us Kvlt CODE players!

Can I make a suggestion that you could profit from and would add to our Marshall experience and branding? Why not create virtual pedals and accessories that can be purchased and downloaded onto our CODE rigs?  

For example why not be able to purchase  “extra slots” and effects so we can run a wah and distortion pedal or run 2 delay pedals at once? I’m sure there are other itches that players could scratch this way? Maybe even add outside name brand pedals? You know, like that fluorescent green scream thing?  


Like I said, I love this rig, and it’s portability. If could ditch the separate wah and boost pedal I carry as part of my signal, I’d happily give you my money!

asked 10 Feb 2019 at 04:28 PM

Mark Solis (2)
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Hi Mark,

Thank you for getting in contact, we will pass this on to our Code team for future models.

Marshall Support

answered 11 Feb 2019 at 09:28 AM

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