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A few days ago I bought a Code 25 amp and I really like it but I have some questions about the presets. I connected the amp to my laptop and updated it to the latest firmware and found some presets that I like and want to use on my amp. How do I this? I saved hem go my library but how do I upload them to my amp? Hope to hear from you guys!



CODE Presets

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Bas Wolter

asked 06 Apr 2019 at 04:40 PM

Bas Wolter
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Hi Bas

You can download straight to your amp using a Mini USB or you can save using the Gateway.

To do this

Click on the Phone tab on the preset you wish to save, then open the the My Gateway Tab, at the bottom of the page you will see the presets you have saved, you will need to drag and drop them in to your 100 presets, once you have done this you need to connect your gateway app to your Code using bluetooth, you will then need to sync, this will now give your amp presets and mobile device presets.

Please use link below

Marshall Support

answered 08 Apr 2019 at 08:01 AM

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