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I purchased CODE 50 and I would like to recording.

I aware ASIO4all is recommended however, youtube (/ or media player in my deskteop computer) is not available during DAW is lauched.

Thus, I am wondering for direct recording without DAW through just audio interface.

       1. I have audio interface with two (2) input manufactured by Kurzweil company.

            Via headphone (line out) of CODE, can I connect this audio interface ? If, so, INPUT connetion or headphone out in Audio interface ?

           No damage to CODE ?  (In internet post, I read CODE probably can be damaged if connected to Audio interface. I am not sure)

Thanks for your advice.

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As far as I am cocerned the best solution is to connect CODE to your computer via Mini USB cable and use Audacity as recording software. This way you don't need ASIO drivers, as Audasity can directly recognize CODE as an input source.

Recording multiple tracks, you can also set CODE as an output, so you can hear previously recorded tracks in CODE speaker. If you have good speakers connected to ypur PC, I recommend leave them as an Audacity output.

If you want to use your audio interface connect HEADPHONE OUT in the amp to INPUT in the interface. To do this you need a cable with 3,5 mm stereo jack on one end, and 6,3 mm mono jack on the other end of the cable. I did check this solution with my Line 6 interface, but in my opinion direct USB connection results in better soun quality. May be it's a matter of taste... :-)

Click here to listen to some of my recorded tracks. Only Summer Wind is recorded using Line 6 interface, all others are recorded with direct USB connection.

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Jacek Klimkiewicz (183)

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Jacek Klimkiewicz (183)
Appreciate your kind advice ! - MI KIM 24 Apr 2019 at 10:58 PM
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