CODE™ SERIES CODE100H Discontinued And No Longer In Production


This past week (three days ago to be exact) I purchased and took delivery of my second Code™100H amplifier head. I was told

by a friend of mine that this head is being discontinued and no longer in production ― and my online dealer was discounting it

for $150.00 off the regular sale price.

In my opinion, the Code™100H ranks right up there with the very best sounding amplifier heads that Marshall Amplification PLC.

has ever produced; the 1959 Super Lead MKII ‘Plexi’, the Silver Jubilee, and the JVM100H.

Why Marshall, is this most excellent amplifier head ― with its extremely vast array of super-high-quality sounds ― being discontinued?

My guess, is an immense lack of promotion, patience, and education on the infinite possibilities that this amplifier can produce ― if only the user would

spend some quality time listening, tweaking, and editing . . . It took me less than ten minutes to edit my four favourite preset sounds.

Perhaps this fine lady said it best: ‘You get to have whatever you want . . . with a side of whatever you want . . . ’ ― Nita Strauss. 🍴🍰🍴🍰

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Jimmy James (2)

asked 10 Jun 2019 at 07:04 PM

Jimmy James (2)
So many guitarists complaining they cannot find their sound ― or any usable sound for that matter. Maybe these players do not know what they want, or do not know how to access it. - Jimmy James 26 Mar 2020 at 09:24 PM
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Hi Jimmy,

We can confirm the Code range is not being discontinued, and we will continue production and support for this range.

Marshall Support

answered 11 Jun 2019 at 07:48 AM

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