Pairing Android S5 Bluetooth with CODE 50???


Hello everyone,,

Well,  I've read through all the questions and answers I can.  My Android used to pair fine with my CODE 50.  Now, it will not connect.  I've reinstalled firmware, reinstalled the Gateway app, deleted  nd re-paired the amp.  Very frustrating.  It  seems there are lots of issues with this.  I can hear the amp pair with the phone via bluetooth, but it will not connect with the Gateway.  "Connecting..." appears and doesn't go away.  I'm bummed.  This was a fun amp, but if the bluetooth doesn't work...  anyone got a fix?  Thanks..xvideos xnxx xxx

CODE Gateway Bluetooth Android Firmware

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Lincon gomes

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Lincon gomes
I have had similar issue since day one I got it. Really hoped new update would fix but mine has never worked properly. I have galaxy s6. Amp is paired w phone. Gateway sees the amp is there but when try to connect, it just says connecting and nothing ever happens from there. Hope someone will have an answer. I have done the uninstall, reinstall stuff many times and never works. - Bryon Knutson 06 Jul 2019 at 02:22 AM
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Have this problem from time to time, too ... sometimes it helps to close (really "close") the app and restart it bei selecting the icon.

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Mark Lüttger (2)
I was facing the same problem. Galaxy s8+ works fine with the amp. First you have to press the two buttons together in the amp and check for the blue tooth light flashing. Then switch on phone blue tooth . You will get a message to select code 50. once selected there should be a message saying about a pass key etc. If it says connected to amp, without giving a pass key, then no use. Then switch off the phone blue tooth and switch on again. If you get it go to phone app and select the green colour connect button. Good Luck! - Channa Horombuwa 12 Jun 2019 at 11:39 AM


Hi Everyone!

Do not try with I phone. Galaxy is the best for the job. Following are the best steps to get paired with Code amp without any problem.

First get the Gateway downloaded into Galaxy phone (Other Samsung phones also might work).Switch off Bluetooth on the phone.

Now switch on the amp. Press Rerverb Button and POwer together to activate Blue tooth. It will start blinking.

Now switch on Bluetooth on the phone.

Select CODE 50 on the list. Once connected, It will give a Pass Key. Connecting without giving a pass key will not work. If so, switch off the phone Bluetooth and switch on again. Follow the same procedure. 

When Pass key masage is given,clik done.

Now check for the Red Colour Connect button on the left bottom. Select it.

THen select the amp under "Amp Detected"

Closepage and start using the Amp. 

THesearethe correct steps for a problem free connection.

This is a great Amp!


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Channa Horombuwa
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