No release of Gateway since Dec 2016, how can you keep saying we're working on it ?



when will  you solve gateway app problems ? we've all been waiting for 3 years and a half !

You can't hide behind "it's on Apple because ios evolved" !!

Of course, it evolves, that's the way things do. And as soon you enter apps world you will have to make Gateway do the same; it's obvious, and i'm pretty sure you're not so naive.

So, please stop relying on your brand, and release a new Gateway version to fix all those bugs.

Or, make Gateway opensource, and we will do it for you.



Marshall Gateway last releases :

20 dec 2016

16 june 2016

21 jan 2016


Fender tone last releases :

6 jun 2019

14 mar 2019

12 fev 2019

14 sep 2018


Do you want us to switch from Marshall to Fender ? Such a bad experience with Code is leading us to.

Gateway iOS

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stephane ciceron

asked 12 Jun 2019 at 07:12 AM

stephane ciceron
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Hi Stephane,

The updates for Code are done via this website the last update,

10 Oct 2017 - v1.41

MCU v1.41 includes bug fixes and 13 new presets (also available for download from
We are working on a new update
Marshall Support

answered 12 Jun 2019 at 07:55 AM

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