Marshall 100W Super Lead heavy metal tone. How?


Hi all

I play a vintage 1968 (or '69, not quite sure) 100W Super Lead and have been fiddling with the settings for quite some time now.
My main goal is to get a nice high-gainy sound out of the thing, but I can't really seem to figure out how.

I've read online about boosting my input-level and adding a bit of crunch with an overdrive-pedal.
Turning the 2 channels up halfway and adding a little overdrive gets me there to some extent,
but the amp sounds a bit muddy right now and I feel like it doesn't like being gained up that much.

My main questions are:
 1) Should I find a different amplifier to get a heavy-metal tone?
 2) If not, do you have any tips?

Thanks in advance!

asked 12 Jun 2019 at 10:58 AM

Anton Mergaerts
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