Code Firmware released - appears to fix bluetooth issue


Marshall finally released V1.43 of the Code Firmware.    My phone finally connects reliably over Bluetooth which is a plus.   It sounds like 3 different devices can now be paired too.    A little disapointing that no other presets or other functionality was added but at least this major issue was fixed albeit after a UNACCEPTABLE time frame.    I expect more from Marshall.    

asked 14 Jun 2019 at 03:05 PM

Gary Hensley (5)
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Seems to work better now...but only better....not as i would aspect after such a long time of developing apparently nothing.
...if there is a MIDI Connection to the CODE befor the Bluetooth Connection is established i´m getting Problems to connect the Gateway App on IOS.
The Phone does the BT Connection, in the App the Code does not show up even if you scan vor Amps or the Amp shows up, connects and is getting dropped a few seconds later. 
If I Disconnect the MIDI Connection an Restart the CODE it works. I will do some more test scenarios...

answered 15 Jun 2019 at 08:27 AM

Dirk Schmidt
It's true, there are bugs, although I appreciate that they haven't totally abandoned us. I noticed that my Code 50 essentially locks up if I have the USB cable plugged in, the browser open and I turn on the amp. If I disconnect the cable and turn on the amp it's fine. - Daniel Stux 15 Jun 2019 at 07:36 PM
Ok....ok...they haven't totally abandoned us..but is quality saving processes, code review and testing scenarios some kind of miracle für marshall? - Dirk Schmidt 15 Jun 2019 at 09:16 PM


There is another Point i found.
If there are more then one BT Connection on your Phone (Apple Watch for example) then the BT connection to the AMP comes up, but the Gateway App is unable to connect. 

Workaround: Stop the App, deactivate BT on the phone, turn BT on again, start the app....all fine

But still lets say an issue...but more on the APP side :)

answered 20 Jun 2019 at 08:35 AM

Dirk Schmidt
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