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I bought the Marshall Class 5 combo about a year ago, and while I think that the concept is fantastic, the actual product isn't. Unfortunately, I think the stock combo sounds rather terrible. Plugged into my 4x12 cab with Neo Creambacks, the sound is vastly improved, though, so I'm thinking about getting a 1x12 cabinet to go with the combo for smaller rehearsals and gigs. Now, the Neo Creambacks eliminate some of the fizzy, harsh and unpleasant frequencies from the combo at higher volume settings, but I'm hoping to get rid of them completely. I'm currently thinking about one of the following two speakers: the Celestion V-type (this would be my first choice) or the Eminence Governor (which people compare to the V30, but with less of the harshness). In your opinion(s), which one would best achieve the sound I'm looking for? xvideos xnxx xxx

Speaker Cabinet

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Lincon Khan

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Lincon Khan
Well u can contact support centre...They will check the piece and if their is no possibility of it working then they will replace it...DOn't worry they are way too kind too help mybkexperience - Cornelia Ney 27 Jun 2019 at 10:08 AM
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