iPad 6 and Marshall Code ISSUES- Fixed Itself?




Running V1.43 firmware.

I have followed all instructions and can not get the iPad 6 to connect in Gateway app.

It, however "pairs" just fine Bluetooth wise on the iPad 6! 

AND Gateway works well on my iPhone 5, switches presets and everything.

So I know I am doing this right and the Marshall code 100 Head is responding via Bluetooth (with my iPhone 5) but NOT with the iPad 6.


Edited: Its the damnedest thing. I removed and reinstalled the app on my iPad 6 at least 8 times with the same results.  


Then I reinstalled and paired the "9th" time, and it worked!!!!

I can turn the 100 Code head amp off, and back on and it still connects.


I'm glad it works now, but I dunno what I did differently.







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Michael Howell

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Michael Howell
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