Need a Replacement part for a MG100HCFX - Input jack/Circuit



Can't seem to find anywhere here in the States that sells just this - I'd settle for the inductor that blew! - Right now I just have it by-passed (the Inductor- 250uH, if it is the same as on the MG100HDFX) - For anyone who may be interested - the sympthoms that lead me to find the issue  was: excessive noise when a straight 1/4" guitar cable was inserted (without a guitar attached) With a guitar straight in the noise was still present but the guitar could be heard behind the noise as if nothing was wrong... the only thing that I know prior to the issue was having the amp on and then connecting an iPad via a iRig2 to the amp - Of course, not the correct approach but it happens - TURN yer AMP OFF before plugging in any devices - once connected then turn it on as long as the inputs on the devices are turned down prior to turn it back on - this way you can roll up the volume to make sure everything is OK - 

Anyway, please assist in helping me locate a replacement input Jack!

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Nashville Ed Stefanov

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Nashville Ed Stefanov
Is there a Schematic in PDF format you could send me a link? I think it is going to be easier for me to just replicate the Board but I will need the exact values of the components on the circuit board the 1/4" jack is mounted on - If you can set me up with that - That would be Great! (MG100HCFX100 Head)

1 more question - when I have the AMP in question connected to a power filtered AC power socket, I still get way more noise than my Line6 Flextone II without a cable connected - there is no Fluorescent Lighting or other EMF or RF Electronics connected or near the AMPs - Is this AMP inherently noisy? if so any other remedies that I could try to lessen the noise?
- Nashville Ed Stefanov 09 Sep 2016 at 05:07 PM
We cannot supply a circuit diagram, the part can be purchased through Jam Industries. Regarding the noise we have had no complaints about the excessive noise, there may be a hiss when the amplifier is sat there but it should not be apparent when in use. - Marshall 15 Sep 2016 at 10:37 AM
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Hello Ed,

Our distributor in the USA is Jam Industries USA (USA Music Corp) their contact number is 800-877-6863 if you contact their spares department they will be able to supply you with the part.

answered 05 Sep 2016 at 06:47 AM

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