Code 100H with external pedal


When using the Code 100H, can a Muff type pedal be used in front of the head with something other than Natural selected? In other words if I have JCM selected, pre-fx off, would the pedal work as good, or should I always use the Natural selection with pedals? Thank you.


asked 04 Sep 2019 at 12:37 PM

oliver hoy (1)
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Sure.  The setting you have with the pre-fx off sounds good.  I use it with my MXR distortion and sounds great.  I have alos used it thru the effects loop on the rear but be sure your volumn is down on whatever you run thru the effects loops and then you can back into what volumn you want.  My current chain is tuner, wah pedal, tube screamer, MXR distortion, Boss Looper, noise gate then to front end of amp.  I run a 10 band MXR eq thru the effects loop and cleans up a lot when I hit it with my 7 and 8 strings.  Of course I am running thru the 4x12 cab with Emenince speakers so it sounds great.


answered 04 Sep 2019 at 05:55 PM

Steve R (14)
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