Footswitch not working properly



I have a Marshall Code50 amp and I purchased the optional footswitch with it. Lately it is doing some pretty crazy things. I could be in bank B1, but when I tap B2, B1 will start flashing in the window and then start scrolling up the alphabet by itself (C1, D1, E1, etc.). Sometimes I do a light tap to change banks but it goes into switch mode instead. Other times it seems to be working normally, but when I look back down the bank will be flashing. Selecting another bank (or exit) doesn’t have any affect and the only way to reset is to unplug the footswitch and plug it back in.

This has started happening on a daily basis. What’s going on?



asked 08 Sep 2019 at 01:56 AM

wayne schwisow (14)
Answers: 1


Try a different cable. Had the same issue with the original cable, bought a new one of higher quality, and since then everything worked fine until now. 

answered 08 Sep 2019 at 07:20 PM

Mark Lüttger (3)
I'll try that. Thanks!
- wayne schwisow 09 Sep 2019 at 05:51 PM
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