How to use CODE50 without hearing macOS/iOS system sounds (like dings for email received, etc.)


To make the most of my CODE50, this web site, and the iOS Gateway app, it is my understanding that I need to connect the CODE50 via a mini-USB cable, connect to the CODE50 in the bluetooth settings of my iPhone, and also connect to the CODE50 in the Gateway app on my iPhone.

When I take all the above steps, I can do everything I want, but I also hear unwanted system bells and whistles from my MacBook Pro and/or my iPhone. Can I do something to get/retain all the CODE50 functionality without the macOS/iOS system sounds? How exactly?

asked 26 Sep 2019 at 07:56 PM

Jim Marshall (12)
i did not think of this but it would be a problem if you are on stage at a gig and your wife/girlfriend decides to text you 50 times trying to find out where you are. I think a solution to this problem is essential. - Rod Gonzalez 24 Oct 2019 at 04:57 PM
Any response from Marshall? - Jim Marshall 16 Apr 2020 at 03:40 PM
Hi Rod/Jim

The Gateway app is designed as editing an tool to help create presets, I would suggest when playing live to use the Foot switch where you can save 3 presets to 10 banks.

Marshall Support
- Marshall 17 Apr 2020 at 09:19 AM
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