Can CODE 50 sync user presets  by iPhone app ?


Can CODE 50 sync user presets  by iPhone app ?

I know the way by mac(chrome).

asked 15 Oct 2019 at 03:19 PM

shin omori
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Hi Shin,

Thank you for your message, You can download from your My Marshall direct to your amp, you would need a mini USB, once connected you will see a amp icon this will send the preset direct to the amp.

If you want to go to a device first you need to download the Marshall Gateway app to your phone or device, you login in to the app, using the same login you use for My Marshall, once logged in you will need to sync the device this will load you My Marshall presets to your phone.

You would then need to connect your device to your amp using the bluetooth settings, once connected open the gateway app, connect using the connect button in the bottom left of the screen.

Open your library on the app, while in phone mode, you will see a mobile device in the bottom left of the screen, once the library is open, select the preset by clicking on the arrow, once in the preset you will see a x over the library, you need to also select the amp section this will then save the selected preset to the amp.

Hope this helps

Kind Regards

Marshall Support

answered 15 Oct 2019 at 03:26 PM

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