USB and IOS devices


I have seen a couple of questions pertaining to usb connection from Code USB to iphone or ipad for recording in garageband, etc. 

The answer given by Marshall reps was the same for both and that something about difference in usb 2 and lightning cable.

My Question is: Will an iphone camera connection kit correct that issue? It has the female end input of USB on it.

I use it to connect my Arturia Keylab Essential to my ios apps and it works fine. 

I’d hate to damage my Code 50 though so I came here.

Hoping for a speedy response.

asked 12 Nov 2019 at 02:49 AM

Jamie Caudle
Answers: 1


I am able to connect my Code 100 using the camera adapter, however I can't get the monitoring to put the audio through the iPad speakers. It plays my previously recorded tracks, the metronome, everything through the amplifier speakers. This is problematic because I cannot hear how it will sound recorded. I figured out on my MacBook that if you want to use the amplifier distorted you have to play through a clean amp on GarageBand or you get nasty artifacting in the signal. 

answered 24 Jun 2021 at 03:30 PM

Ryan Salge
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