Cutting through the rest of the band


Does any one have a patch that works well with pedals and cuts through nicely? 


I am having real trouble dialling in a tone that cuts through the mix for the rest of the band?

My drummer is heavy handed (as most are haha) and my Bass player likes to turn up to 11 - we are a 3 peice so its understandable that they play loud to fill the sound out as such - i have tried telling them to turn down but the feeling isn’t there while we play when they do.

I have tried most pre-sets and tried dialling in my pedals. Every time i find a nice base line tone from the amp the pedals sound rubbish, at every type of setting, it seems.  every time i think sod it and just use a pre-set and dial in my pedals reasonably, i get lost in the mix.


If anyone has a patch they use as a nice baseline clean tone that i can try i would be really appreciative.




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asked 23 Nov 2019 at 11:17 AM

david hutchinson
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