Code 25 - Volume, Muddiness, Speaker Upgrade, etc


Hey guys,


A couple questions.  I am trying to love this amp--it is compact, seems to have plenty of control, and I like how easily it connects to my computer.  The problem I have is similar to others:  I do not need a ton of volume and a lot of the sounds seem a bit muddy.  I've tried turning the preset volume way down and use Master and this works to an extent.  

Some questions:

1) I noticed people talking about putting a Celestion G10 Greenback in it.  I'm planning on trying this.  I was going to go with 8ohm to save some volume but will the frequency range be a problem?  It seems like stock is a full range generic speaker likely so it can be more neutral for amp modeling and for music playback.  I do not need to play music through it..... and

2)  How bad will this mess up the presets?  Am I basically throwing presets out if I change the speaker?

3)  Has anyone modified the back of the amp to open it up?  I heard some asking about this and not sure if it is worth it.

Thanks, looks like others have been curious but have not heard anyone report in on actually doing this.  Love some feedback!!

asked 09 Dec 2019 at 04:13 PM

brian gallagher
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