Marshall 6101LE : Midi channel switching with Boss ES5


I am going stir crazy trying to get my 6101 midi channel switching to work witha new Boss ES5.

The channel switching via the front panel and the footswitch works fine.

I am foillowing the instructions in the amp manual for midi channel switching without success. In the midi patch the amp is designated as channel  1 and I insert the channel number (ie 1, 2 or 3) as the PC. After I send the patch message from the ES5 then  I press the relevant channel no. and the store button on the amp and the three lights light up as they are supposed to. 

However it is not working despite my amp tech telling me that the amp is receiving the midi messages. 

Should the 6101LE midi channel switching be able to be midi controlled with a Boss ES5 ? Are they compatible despite their age difference ?

Is the amp perhaps receiving but not storing ?

Any help from someone who uses midi switching on a 6100 or 6101 with an es5 or es8 would be greatly appreciated ....! Thanks.

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david mcandrew

asked 12 May 2020 at 11:32 AM

david mcandrew
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Hi David,

Thank you for your message,  If the amp is switching with it’s footswitch and the buttons on the front work correctly,  then the control board will be fine, have you tried another MIDI controller, or tried your MIDI controller on something else to see if it is fully working.

You may need to get an engineer to change IC309 on the MIDI board. It’s the interface between the pedal and the amp and could cause this issue. It’s on a header/socket so it’s just a case of unplugging the IC and plugging the new one in.

Hope this helps


Marshall Support

answered 14 May 2020 at 08:37 AM

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