[Origin20C] Maximum Gain no crunch


Hi everyone :) 

I'm a total beginner when it comes to tube amps as it's my very first one.

I've got that weird feeling that something is wrong with my Origin 20C, when I push the gain to its max I don't get that sexy crunchy tone.

I can see the lights of all the 3 preamp and power tubes through the grid. 

If one of them was dead It shouldn't be lightened at all right ?

I thought I had to wait for 30s before pushing the master and play but saw later on the notice that they recommend to do it 2 minutes after turning amp on.

Plus, one our two times and used to transistors amps, I didn't wait at all. Could it caused the issue?

I don't hear any particular cracks, just a bit of white noise when I push it all up


Thanks you all !! 

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Hi Charly,

I'm an Origin 50h owner, and I'm also new to tube amps, but I've been doing a lot of reading up on them since I got the Origin. I would say that there is probably nothing wrong with your amp. Mine is the same. From what I gather it's just the nature of the beast. These amps are modeled on vintage Marshall amps, which means you have to turn them up pretty loud to get that crunchy gain you're after. Even with the gain on full, you'd need to turn the master volume up quite a bit to get to the sweet spot. Not very practical, I know.

Hope you're not disappointed. A lot of people buy this amp with the misconception that it's a like a modern high gain amplifier, but that's not what these vintage styled amps are about. If you're not in an environment where you can crank the volume all the time (like myself), it's not too much of a problem though because fortunately these amps are great pedal platforms. I've been using an overdrive pedal to give the amp a little boost at low volumes, and I get nice crunchy tones that way. I've also considered getting an attenuator, which would allow me to crank the gain and the master volume while keeping the decibel levels low. So that's another option you could try.

I think the Origins are great amps if you use them right. I've experimented with mine a little - different tubes, better speakers, different combinations of pedals - and I've managed to find a setup that really works for me with the Origin 50h.

Good luck, hope it helps!
- Mat Ferron 04 Jun 2020 at 05:17 PM
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Hey Mat ! 


Thanks you so very much for taking a bit of your time to explain all of that to me, helps a lot !

I did my tests by pushing a bit more than usual the tubes, god that sounded good ! So I guess you were right, just a matter of power.


Thanks again ! 

answered 04 Jun 2020 at 08:57 PM

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