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Hi All,

I've been playing for awhile now, but no so much with amplification.  As a present for a recent celebration, I was given a nice Epiphone electric guitar and a Marshall CODE 50.  Problem is, the manual doesn't tell me everything I need to know, and the online "tutorials" on the Marshall site seem to be more like short overviews and demonstrations.

Does anyone know where there is a comprehensive guide to operating the CODE 50?  Like, lights/indicators, blinking vs. not blinking, other overall how-to's for the CODE 50?  Seems to be a really nice amp, but I feel I'm not unlocking all of its potential.


Thanks, in advance!

Paul H.

Colorado Springs

asked 31 May 2020 at 09:01 PM

Paul Hinchman
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Hi Paul,

Thank you for your message, the link below has a link to a bigger manual, to use with more details on how to use the code unit.

If you have any question please contact us at


Marshall Support

answered 01 Jun 2020 at 09:20 AM

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