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Where can I find a manual for the DSL40CR amp? It looks like everything here is for the CODE amps. The print on the "manual" (a single sheet) that came with the amp is so small it's unreadable even with a magnifying glass.

asked 07 Jul 2020 at 02:30 PM

Philip Walsh (1)
So true Philip. Why make the print so stupid small? - George Ferrell 06 Mar 2022 at 08:57 PM
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Hello Philip,


Please go to our website and under the DSL40CR you can down load the manual.


Kind Regards

Marshall Support

answered 07 Jul 2020 at 02:57 PM

No, you can't. It may be there somewhere on the site, but just going to just leads us to a rat's maze where we keep getting led down different, seemingly endless pathways. I got an owner's manual with my DSL40CR but the print is so fine that I would prefer to read the manual online. Why print a manual so small that is barely usable and why not make it easy to find the manual online? - George Ferrell 06 Mar 2022 at 08:34 PM
I found it, but finding it is not intuitive and certainly not as easily as intimated by the answer above, but the answer above can eventually lead you to the manual if you are persistent. LOL. Here is the actual link: ? - George Ferrell 06 Mar 2022 at 08:52 PM
The link was removed from my comment above, so again, Marshall has left you on your own to find.
- George Ferrell 06 Mar 2022 at 08:53 PM


Thank you so much:)  ?

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John Lee01 (1)

answered 01 Jul 2021 at 11:48 AM

John Lee01 (1)
Yeah, I guess you tried to post the link, too, but it got replaced by a question mark like my comment did. - George Ferrell 06 Mar 2022 at 08:55 PM
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