Gateway on android device will not work anymore on Code50 Amp!



Gateway works  without problems on my Code 50 Amp up to yesterday 06th October 2020!

Amp is not often used, bought new on November 2018. Also checked  for the latest update for this Amp on 06th October 2020.

Android Device is Samsung Galaxy S8, version 9, latest update 01st September 2020.

Several times i have again and again downloaded the Gateway App en have several times tried to get bluetooth connection between Amp with device and between device and Amp.  Bluetooth connection between Amp and Device no problem. Is connected for streaming audio to the Amp. But no succesfull to connect App with the Amp. Tried over and over conform all the instructions on the Marshallwebsite /troubleshoooting.

Very, very strange that App is not working anymore!

 Who can give me the solution to solve this very strange problem which give me headaches?

asked 07 Oct 2020 at 07:29 PM

Fred Beumer
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Same on iPhone XS. Gateway just won't connect at all anymore. Worked OKish for first week I had the amp. Now nothing. No amount of refreshing Bluetooth, switching on and off, reconnecting, forgetting device and starting again works. 

Bougyt the amp brand new about a week ago. Not particularly happy. The phone interface was the only reason I bought it really. 

Please advise. Jonathan

answered 07 Oct 2020 at 07:41 PM

Jonathan Howarth
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