Marshall Origin without a speaker


Hi, I'd want to know if disconnecting the speaker on a 20w Origin head would activate the standby (so this won't damage the amp) even if then I go through the send to an audio interface and not returning to the amp through the return or anything else (and so NOT using the di out). In fact I would like to use my favorite cab+microphone+power amp simulator and then connect it to the interface and listen with my headphones on and I think it would be impossibile and harmful to the sound to add another cabinet simulation to the already-present One in the di out (right?) and so I would exit from the send.

2 another simple questions:

could i do this with a combo, too? In that case, how do I disconnect the speaker?

The last one: if I exit from the send, I'll take the preamp signal, right? And if I exit from the di out will I have the preamp signal (with the cab simulation) or will it just be the guitar signal with the cab simulation only (I assume I won't anyway have the power amp too)?

Sorry for my bad english and for the ignorancešŸ˜…


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Jacopo Gaggia

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Jacopo Gaggia
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