Why is there such a "delay" on audio start when the headphones are connected to bluetooth on pc (windows).


I am using a marshall monitor 2 anc.


Well as per title I experience a killing (up to the point where I can not use the headphones) delay when connecting the headphones to windows over bluetooth.


The delay is quite weird as in not the audio itself is delayed, just the sound/volume - and only initially/when there is no sound initially. The delay is quite severe though, around 1-1.5 seconds.


This means that when playing music I just miss the first second, but after that it works smoothly. Yet if I use intermitted sounds, such as the volume control on windows I do not get a "beep". -- except when I change hte volume fast so that the second beep would overlap the first.


Also when talking over discord this is problematic as I now only hear people's second word, not the first.


I wonder if this is a problem with the headphones (brand new just opened the box earlier today). Or with my laptop (MSI GP60 leopard pro). When there is no sound the sound is really "quiet" but after hearing sound the headphones give some kind of wind/blowing noise for several seconds afterwards and if I generate a second sound it *is* fast during that time.

asked 13 Feb 2021 at 12:22 AM

Paul Weijtens
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