Firmware updater on Windows 7 PC not very stable.


I've downloaded the firmware updater onto my Windows 7 (most recent updates loaded) PC and it seems that there is no eligant way to close the updater after use. I had to use ProcMgr to force the updater to shutdown.

I also found that unless you do things in the correct way - fire up the updater tool before plugging in the USB, it seemed to get very confused - again I had to use procmgr to close it down.

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asked 14 Jun 2016 at 02:41 PM

Alan Unwin (12)
I did find after restarting my machine that it now seems to be more stable. I'm guessing that the 1st time you plug in the USB it takes longer than expected to recognise the s/w and load it. My PC is a very fast one but none the less USB start up is always a bit iffy. - Alan Unwin 17 Jun 2016 at 04:06 PM
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Updater sometimes gets an error message on it - I think I used another USB tool that confused it. Anyway the error is 

Once this error has been thrown then the updpater will not close properly without going into task manager and forcing its process to end. This is on windows 7 but I'm guessing it will be on all versions. Even if the USB stream recovers and it looks like the updater is working and talks to the code it then will not close properly without taskmanager.

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Alan Unwin (12)

answered 03 Oct 2016 at 04:53 PM

Alan Unwin (12)


We will pass this feedback on to our team and look to resolve this. Apologies for any frustrations caused.

answered 17 Jun 2016 at 12:02 PM

Chris Robinson (338)
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