Gateway Failure on Code 50


The first time I connected to my new Code 50 via Bluetooth on my iPad and iPhone there were no issues (2 weeks ago). Went to connect today (2/17/17) and could not with either device. 

1. Went to settings and "forgot device".

2. Shutoff amp and devices, restarted amp and devices.

3. Back to settings, Bluetooth, and paired iPhone to amp. Showed as connected.

4. Opened Gateway changed home screen to amp and tapped to sync. NOTHING!

5. Opened Menu, Code, no amp detected, tapped scan for amps, NOTHING!

Definitely a problem with your Gateway App. Please correct and email me at when issue is corrected.

if you can't correct problem please forward me the shipping costs so I can return it. The app was the deciding factor for going with the Code 50.

asked 17 Feb 2017 at 10:03 PM

clark jarvis (3)
I ask the same Question in some other Forum

And there is Help.

My Rig:

Amp Firmware 1.3

Amp DSP 1.1

Amp Blootooth 3.1

Gateway Version 1.4.1

iPhone 5s iOS 10.2.1

Here is the Answer

If you have activated Bluetooth on the iphone before you switch the code back on, then the amplifier should automatically connect to the iphone. You can not press the Bluetooth again on the amp. Otherwise there is the problem, which you described. So once manually couple and then it should go automatically. With me it was so so ....
- Maik Satow 21 Feb 2017 at 10:16 PM
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