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When is the gateway app available for huawei or any brand that is not apple or samsung?, by the way  in the gateway app description or in my marshal code manual doesn't say anything about a device restriction.


asked 02 Mar 2017 at 04:51 PM

santiago paredes
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Hi Santiago,

Can I ask which Huawei device you have, we have had lots of people able to download and use the Gateway app without any issues with this phone, if you are having problems, I would advise you contact Google Play and they can help with device set up, which a known problem for not being able to download the app.

Kind Regards

Team Marshall

answered 03 Mar 2017 at 08:53 AM



I have installed it successfully on a HUAWEI P8, but the Bluetooth issue still wrecks any chance of using it. 

Until that issue is fixed it's just a useless app on the phone....

answered 06 Mar 2017 at 03:34 PM

Andrew Woods
Hi Andrew

Can you follow the instructions below to see if it connects OK for you?

close the app
delete it from your recently viewed app's
unpair with Bluetooth
turn the amp off

turn the amp back on
click on 'Rev and Power' on the amp and a blue light should start flashing
go back into your Bluetooth settings and pair with the amp
go into the app
on the left hand side of the app there should be a red tab that says connect
click on connect

Kind Regards

Team Marshall
- Lee Tomlin 07 Mar 2017 at 09:02 AM
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